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Sunday, December 21, 2070

Happy Anniversary,!!!... Judgement Post

A year ago today, was created.

Here's some brief history about was founded by Samidog6

 A few months after, him and Luke2345 became owners of the website. Luke gave up his spot to Lucky6074. Eventually after Samidog6 retired, Lucky6074 became the owner. Shortly after, Lucky closed down CPGuide due to problems he ran into with the community of Club Penguin.


CPGuide may rise again... I have no idea. It's up to you guys. I need your help. You need to help me decide if I should start this website up again.. if I do.. I'll start fresh. Everything from scratch.

Vote in this poll to help me decide if CPGuide is worth saving.
Click this link to vote in the poll. Thanks guys!

Friday, October 11, 2069

Club Penguin Guide Officially Closed

Hey everyone. As you have read from my previous post, you saw that Club Penguin Guide would be closing soon. Well, sadly, that day is here. is now officially closed.

However, this website will remain standing until the domain name expires. We didn't want to throw all of our work away; maybe we could visit the old blog every once in a while, you know?

Again, this all was a wonderful journey. Thank you. We love you guys! :)


Saturday, September 28, 2030

CPGuide's Journey - The Final Chapter

Lately, the world of Club Penguin blogging has gone in a downward spiral. Views have diminished, posting has been decreased - it's been a complete wreck. Sure, you may argue your blog may not be suffering, but 95% of other blogs are. Twitter, - the main source for views and communicating news - has been destroyed. Over 50% of all Club Penguin Twitter users have quit or taken a break.from pointless and stupid drama. Drama has torn the Twitter community apart and it's making the game less fun for everyone. Every time I log on Twitter, I see at least one person having an episode with another. It's sickening. Club Penguin is supposed to be a game where everyone has fun and gets along, not fight over pointless subjects.

 The Club Penguin blogging community has been dictated by teenagers and even some adults. All they want is money, money, money, fame, and don't forget, money!!!  If you notice, we don't have many advertisements on at all. You don't see game, movie, or product ads flying in your face every 5 seconds. It's nice to make a little money, but not let that factor get in your way of blogging. The staff here blog for a passion. If you don't enjoy what you're doing, then what's the point of doing it? You just want the money? - Now, you gotta admit, that's just pathetic. I pity those who blog for money and fame.

Club Penguin isn't what it used to be. Some people like the way the "new" Club Penguin is (which is perfectly fine), but all the other native players don't. People aren't liking the takeovers, the advertising parties, and the major changes being made to the older parties.

CPGuide can't go any further with all of this madness occurring. Not many blogs will recover from this harsh time of the Club Penguin blogging universe.

 This is the final chapter.

 All great things must come to an end - was great. You guys made it great. I wanna thank you so much for that. We did the posts for you. We did the giveaways for you. We tracked mascots for you. We made this blog for you!!! CPGuide is closing now because we wanna see it end as a successful creation. It certainly was, and it achieved many mind blowing milestones. We worked hard - we finished strong. You made our experience on Club Penguin special -- we hope we made yours special too.

This blog will officially close on 10/10/13.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Club Penguin Medieval Party Cheats 2013

It seemed like yesterday the Teen Beach Movie Takeover took place, right? - Man, time really does fly; now The Medieval Party 2013 has arrived! There is a ton to cover, so keep on reading-

First up, Gary will greet you when you log in. Simply click on him to speak with him. After you have a brief talk with him, he will ask you to find ingredients to make a potion.

Now that you know your quest, click on the book Gary gave you (in the top right hand corner)

When you open the book, you will be taken to a map that leads you to the areas where you can find potion ingredients. Click on the purple ingredient to get started.

When you click on the area that holds the purple ingredient, you'll instantly notice the ingredient lying on a roof. Simply click on it to collect it.

Repeat the process. Keep going to areas that home an ingredient to make a potion. Look for the ingredient and click on it.

Great! You got all the ingredients to make the potion! You will be taken to a screen that will ask if you if you want to create a potion, when it does; simply click 'Create Potion.' You will be taken to a potion making mini game. It's really easy - all you have to do is use your mouse to bounce the ingredients into your potion cauldron (the pot on the far right). Follow the guide on the top of the screen to know what ingredients should go in the cauldron.

When done with the game, click on the potion book in the top right hand corner again. You'll notice that you can now transform into a white unicorn. Click "Transform" at the bottom of the page!

Congrats! You have completed making the first potion of the Medieval Party 2013! That's all the potions we can make for now, though, you can come back tomorrow and follow an entire new recipe! 

Day 2: 

Open your spells book and flip the page over. Click "Create Potion" to begin the potion-making mini-game. As usual, follow the recipe listed on the top of the screen and you'll create the Potion of the Orge Size! This potion is really epic - it makes your penguin three times bigger than its original size!

Feel free to explore the Medieval Party some more - it's super epic! Overall, I think Club Penguin did an amazing job on the party. What do you think? - Do you like the party? Comment below to let me know!

Waddle on!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Club Penguin Gary Tracker 2013 - Medieval Party

Our famous trackers have returned! Voted 3rd place in the Penguin Talent Awards 2013 for the category, "Best Mascot Trackers," we blow away the competition.

Gary has returned in celebration of the Medieval Party! We are going to be tracking for Gary as much as we possibly can, so please keep checking back for updates! If you are new to, our viewers rave in positive ways about these trackers. We will not disappoint you. Stay tuned to our Twitter accounts for tracker updates as they happen! If you found our tracker helpful, please spread the word to others. Enjoy the party, good luck, and happy tracking!
Use our tracker below. Sit back and relax, the tracker auto refreshes every 15 seconds. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Newspaper Issue #413

Along with Club Penguin's latest updates, a new Club Penguin Times issue is hot off the press. The newspaper has been compressed into the most important information, and has been provided for you below. Check it out:

..very cool! This article, entitled "Magical Discoveries Flourish!" describe the success of the wizard students. Click "ABRACADABRA!" to read the whole article.

Secondly, we have "Chickens Running Amok!". This article explains all the pesky chickens flocking around Club Penguin.

Lastly we have the Upcoming Events. The Upcoming Events are the Penguin Style, the Furniture Catalog, and an update to the Stage.

What did you think of the latest Club Penguin Time's issue? Leave us a comment to let us know what you're thinking.


Club Penguin Blog: Help Make an Episode of #WaddleOn!

What's up everyone? Today I was browsing throughout the Club Penguin Blog and noticed Polo Field made a new post announcing that we can help make a new episode of #WaddleOn! Does this sound appealing or fun to you? - Keep on reading, if so-

Hello Penguins!
Episode 12 of #WaddleOn (appearing on 10/4/13) is going to be a BEST OF show, but we need your help – tell us your FAVORITE #WaddleOn sketches!  They can be from any episode. 
Blacksmith Force?  Statue Roommates?  Alien Diner?  Or something else?  Let us know, and you’ll decide which sketches we use in the show!
Waddle on!
So, all you gotta do is comment on the blog post telling your favorite sketch in previous #WaddleOn episodes! (examples of sketches are blacksmith force, alien dinner, statue roommates, etc.) If a lot of people like your idea and share the same thoughts, maybe your idea will get chosen in episode 12 of #WaddleOn! I think this is a really cool opportunity that Club Penguin is giving us and I definitely recommend commenting! So tell me, what is your favorite #WaddleOn sketch? Comment below to let me know.

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Blog: Penguin of the Day: Kevke2001

Daffodaily5 recently updated the Club Penguin Blog with the latest Penguin of the Day. Today's penguin loves mini-games! - Especially Find Four. Check out who has the spotlight today!

With all the amazing parties we’ve been having recently, I think some of the mini-games get forgotten about. But NOT Find Four! It’s one of my fave games and Kevke2001 enjoys it just as much as I do. Perhaps we could have a tournament some time? :)
Contact us with your Penguin of the Day submissions. 5000 coins go to every successful penguin! 
-Club Penguin Team
Congrats Kevke2001! If you think you know someone who deserves Penguin of the Day, send an email to with your nomination. Who knows? You may be the next Penguin of the Day!
Waddle on!